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Crypto Chasers Technology Weekly Report 20231003

Contributor: Script Money
Full-stack engineer, familiar with Web3 development ecosystem, has written some technical tutorials.

This article is the fourth issue of the technical weekly report produced by CryptoChasers (no update last week due to illness, this time two weeks are combined), the information comes from personal collection and community group chats. It mainly focuses on practical content related to Web3 development and Crypto activities.

Section Settings Description:
This Week's Picks: The author's recommended top 3 recent information worth paying attention to.
Tool Recommendations: 3 developer tools recommended by the author worth trying.
Community Hot Topics: 3 hot topics from this week and a historical week in the community group chat.
Developer Activities: Grants and hackathons that can be participated in the coming weeks.
Recommendations: Community projects, recruitment, advertisements, etc.

This Week's Picks

zk book by rareskills



Reason for recommendation: They have previously recommended their Solidity tutorial, which is concise and clear. This zk tutorial continues the same style and claims to be the most programmer-friendly zero-knowledge proof tutorial, worth learning.

0xHacked x OtterSec CTF



Reason for recommendation: Just ended CTF, official answers are provided, and submitting zkProof answers is a highlight, it is recommended to give it a try.

Stylus ERC721 Demo Project

Stylus Tutorial


Reason for recommendation: Stylus is an open-source SDK developed by Arbitrum that supports building applications in multiple languages. You can develop contracts using Wasm or Solidity with multi-language support, and more chains will be used in the future. You can refer to this tweet to get started.





Reason for recommendation: Artemis MEV framework developed by Paradigm is a useful tool for MEV searchers who want to write MEV bots in Rust. Someone has written an Artemis tutorial, which also includes many additional resources to help you get started.




Reason for recommendation: ComfyUI is a tool that runs Stable Diffusion more efficiently. New features require ComfyUI to run, such as various popular dance videos recently. The tool has a learning curve, but you can follow the tutorial to use it.




Reason for recommendation: Recommended by a senior security researcher in the group, this is a new CTF platform with normal content.

Community Hot Topics

About daily privacy protection

  • Viewpoint 1: Private Relay is a system-level proxy system in cooperation with Cloudflare, mainly to improve privacy. It has regression obfuscation and hiding functions in foreign IP, but cannot be used in domestic IP. After routing the iPhone through the routing layer, this function can be used.
  • Viewpoint 2: iCloud now supports encryption using Yubikey, but some users are concerned about the issue of key loss. On the other hand, Google 2FA can be backed up, but it may reduce security. Therefore, when choosing an encryption scheme, security and convenience need to be balanced.
  • Viewpoint 3: For the issue of securely storing private keys, some suggestions have been made. For situations without automation requirements, single-signature hardware wallets or multi-signature Gnosis can be used. For situations with automation requirements, single-signature KMS or multi-signature MPC can be used.

How to migrate contract data

  • Viewpoint 1: Migrating the state of the old contract to the new contract may face the problem of high gas fees. For maps that contain a large number of addresses, one-time migration may not be feasible. You can consider separating important data into a data contract or using the proxy contract pattern to separate the logic contract and data contract.
  • Viewpoint 2: The values of Map variables can be traversed at the underlying level, but it may require scanning blocks on the chain. Using geth or erigon can dump specific contracts, but gas fees are still a problem. You can consider allowing the administrator to set slots arbitrarily, but this method may bring other problems.
  • Viewpoint 3: Contract state migration usually allows users to migrate from the old version to the new version on their own. In this way, the project can avoid bearing high gas fees and other potential issues. For example, some stablecoin projects have adopted this method for migration.

Getting bounties by contributing to open source projects on GitHub

  • The possibility of earning airdrops and bonuses by contributing to open source projects on GitHub was discussed. It was mentioned that some people have earned a lot of bonuses by fixing typos in the onlydust project.
  • The discussion included how to view the contributor's records on onlydust. One user mentioned that they have about 300 GitHub accounts, accounting for 3% of their total.
  • They discussed a case where a user earned $130k by making three small contributions, but someone pointed out that this number may be the total bonus for the entire project, and the user may have actually only received $3k.

URLs mentioned in the group chat

Developer Activities


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