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Crypto Chasers Weekly Report 1121

Crypto Chasers Family,

Whether you are an old member or a new member of Crypto Chasers, this weekly report can help you understand the community-driven work. Although the community is made up of decentralized individuals, it does not lack leaders. The Crypto Chasers weekly report is a way for us to make decisions that impact the entire community.

We welcome collaboration and meaningful conversations, sometimes just for meme entertainment and cheers for the wealth of community members.

That's why we publish the weekly report. Have a great week!

Contributors:, duck, Luo Binghe, Mia, Sky

✅ Actions this Week#

Last week, x new members joined Crypto Chasers, and at the same time:

  • 📜 Governance

English learning

Weekly report organization and publication

Meeting organization and execution

  • 👥 Education

Advancement of the alpha group, rotating project sharing

  • 🗞 Market

Regular collaboration with community collabs, @Seraph_global, @QuaereOfficial, @KentaroClub, @Bonigo_xyz

Follow-up on community collabs, @Seraph_global

Follow-up on gold mining guild content

Project summary and promotion

  • 👾 Technology

Maintenance of WeChat bot

  • 🏃‍♀️ Community

Related research

Expectations for Next Week

Governance: 1. Weekly report organization and publication 2. Meeting organization and execution 3. English technical vocabulary/English interviews

Education: 1. Alpha group produces around 10 good project shares.

Technology: 1. Integration of chain feeds information. 2. Optimization of WeChat bot and related monitoring.

Market: 1. Collaborate with 1 project 2. Follow-up on gold mining guild news content 3. Project summary and promotion

Community: Hold an AMA event for Chameleon travel


Last week, Crypto Chasers distributed 0e to active sharing members!

Alpha Project Focus#


| [Project]:
[Introduction]: A blockchain infrastructure company focused on Bitcoin, Ethereum, and zero-knowledge technology. [Rating]: 8/20
[Activity Type]: Access limited time entry [Activity Recommendation]: ⭐⭐ [Recommendation Explanation]: No product, but there is an early adopter form to apply. Testnet |
| [Project]:
[Introduction]: [Rating]: 6/20 [Recommendation Explanation]: Doing btc DA layer, keep an eye on it. Currently has demo videos, no community or product, keep an eye on it |
| [Project]:
[Introduction]: Bnzk is a project that integrates zero-knowledge proof (ZK) technology into the Bitcoin ecosystem in a native BTC manner. [Rating]: 4/20 [Recommendation Explanation]: Similar to DA layer, submits to the main chain, has token sales, no demo, not recommended for pie-in-the-sky projects |
| [Project]:
[Introduction]: Trac is a project that provides decentralized meta-protocol tracking for Bitcoin ordinals, aiming to help developers build applications in the ordinal space more easily. [Rating]: 11/20 [Recommendation Explanation]: Doing btc data indexing, not difficult technology, should have brc20 coins, no investment advice |
| [Project]:
[Introduction]: A development agency focused on starknet [Rating]: 8/20
[Activity Type]: Development [Activity Recommendation]: ⭐ [Recommendation Explanation]: Mainly doing starknet projects, has starknet nodes. Refer to the previous work of Rollkit, they also made a rust version of bitcoin da on github. Developers can take a look. |
| [Project]:
[Introduction]: ZeroSync is a project that aims to introduce zero-knowledge proofs (ZKP) into the Bitcoin ecosystem to improve the scalability, accessibility, and privacy of the blockchain. [Rating]: 8/20 [Recommendation Explanation]: Using cairo-related technology, zk technology verifies bitcoin blocks, will do more btc ecosystem infrastructure in the future, keep an eye on it |
| [Project]:
[Introduction]: BOB is the first EVM Rollup stack with native Bitcoin support, aiming to provide developers with tools and platforms to build decentralized applications on Bitcoin. [Rating]: 12/20 [Recommendation Explanation]: BTC's L2, using risc0 technology, relatively complete technical documentation, friends who do projects can pay attention to it. They also did @InterlayHQ, bitcoin defi hub, big defi on Polkadot. |
| [Project]:
[Introduction]: LBS chain game [Rating]: 14/20 [Recommendation Explanation]: LBS type game, developed by the original team of Together to Catch Monsters, the game can already be played, expected to be in closed beta next month, funding has not been announced. There will be profit sharing plans in the future. You can buy on the dip |
| [Project]:
[Introduction]: AI-powered identity network to empower builders and promote ecosystem growth: every aspect of your builder's journey. [Rating]: 12/20
[Activity Type]: Claim rewards other than minting and airdrops [Activity Recommendation]: ⭐⭐⭐ [Recommendation Explanation]: Log in with GitHub to claim NFTs. |
| [Project]:
[Introduction]: Cymbal is building an AI-supported "human-readable" blockchain explorer. [Rating]: 14/20 [Recommendation Explanation]: Cymbal is building an AI-supported "human-readable" blockchain explorer. The project has raised quite a bit of funding, keep an eye on it, wait for activities |
| [Project]:
[Introduction]: Many zk projects use their framework RISC Zero to build the next generation of scalable blockchains using zero-knowledge proof technology and RISC-V zkVM. [Rating]: 17/20
[Activity Type]: Interact to get potential rewards [Activity Recommendation]: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ [Recommendation Explanation]: Many zk projects use their framework, developers should take a look, there is a testnet activity |
| [Project]:
[Introduction]: Nocturne is a protocol that supports private and composable accounts on Ethereum. Nocturne allows users to deposit or receive assets from EOAs and contracts into private secret addresses. Then, in the future, users can prove ownership of private assets in zero-knowledge to use in any transaction or confidential transfer. [Rating]: 14/20
[Activity Type]: Interact to get potential rewards [Activity Recommendation]: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ [Recommendation Explanation]: Polychain Bain Capital, V God investment, mainnet interaction is relatively expensive, gas is low, you can do one |
| [Project]:
[Introduction]: Zeta Markets is a DeFi derivatives platform that provides liquidity derivatives trading for individuals and institutions. [Rating]: 13/20
[Activity Type]: Other [Activity Recommendation]: ⭐⭐⭐ [Recommendation Explanation]: Institutions are good, jump, wintermute, 8.5m, there are trading competitions, confident traders can increase trading volume |
| [Project]:
[Introduction]: Full-chain game, attention from executives [Rating]: 10/20
[Activity Type]: Interact to get potential rewards [Activity Recommendation]: ⭐⭐ [Recommendation Explanation]: A well-done full-chain game, attention from executives, usually won't issue coins, may issue NFTs in the future, interested parties can play |


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Proposals in Discussion#



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