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Crypto Chasers Weekly Report 1114

Crypto Chasers Family,

Whether you are a long-time member or a new member of Crypto Chasers, this weekly report can help you stay informed about community-driven work. While the community is made up of decentralized individuals, it is not without leaders. The Crypto Chasers weekly report is a way for us to make decisions that impact the entire community.

We welcome collaboration and meaningful conversations, sometimes just for meme entertainment and cheers for the financial freedom of our community members.

That's why we publish this weekly report. Wishing you a pleasant week!

Contributors:, duck duck, Luo Binghe, Mia, Sky

✅ Actions this Week#

Last week, x new members joined Crypto Chasers, and the following actions were taken:

  • 📜 Governance

English learning

Weekly report organization and publication

Meeting organization and execution

  • 👥 Education

Advancement of the alpha group, rotating project sharing; sixth week technical bi-weekly report

  • 🗞 Market

Regular collaboration discussions with the community collab, @Seraph_global, @QuaereOfficial, @KentaroClub, @Bonigo_xyz

Follow-up on community collab, @Seraph_global

Follow-up on gold mining guild content

Project summary and promotion

  • 👾 Technology

Integrated Twitter dog KOL push and rhythm push to WeChat robot.

Optimized the prompt message when inviting to join the WeChat group.

Integrated Twitter monitoring push to WeChat group.

  • 🏃‍♀️ Community

Related research

Expected next week

Governance: 1. Weekly report organization and publication 2. Meeting organization and execution 3. English technical vocabulary/English interviews

Education: 1. Alpha group produces around 10 good project shares.

Technology: 1. Integration of chain feeds information. 2. Optimization of WeChat robot and related monitoring.

Market: 1. Connect with 1 cooperative project 2. Follow-up on gold mining guild news content 3. Project summary and promotion

Community: /


Last week, Crypto Chasers distributed 0e to active sharing members!

Alpha Project Focus#

| [Project]:
[Introduction]: Noble is a Cosmos application chain built for issuing native assets, aiming to bring the efficiency and interoperability of native assets to a wider Cosmos ecosystem. [Rating]: 7/20 [Recommendation]: Has received financing, pay attention to whether there is a test network |
| [Project]:
[Introduction]: Similar to the layer3 task platform [Rating]: 12/20 [Activity Type]: Interact to get potential rewards [Activity Recommendation]: ⭐⭐ [Recommendation]: Task platform, just received seed round, cooperating with various L2, many participants, can do it when bored |
| [Project]:
[Introduction]: Next-generation universal education protocol for the whole civilization, lowering the threshold for Web2 users to enter Web3, creating a portal for new users to enter Web3 [Rating]: 9/20 [Activity Type]: Interact to get potential rewards [Activity Recommendation]: ⭐⭐⭐ [Recommendation]: A project incubated by seedao, open airdrop, can watch videos to get NFT, or upload courses |
| [Project]:
[Introduction]: ETH fork chain from Japan for optimizing L1 content digitalization [Rating]: 7/20 [Recommendation]: It is said that all kinds of IP will go up in the future, and there will be coins, keep an eye on it |
| [Project]:
[Introduction]: SocialFi - Buy, sell, and trade access to your favorite creators, athletes, and artists! Collect $STARS and compete for rewards! [Rating]: 5/20 [Activity Type]: Test feedback [Activity Recommendation]: ⭐⭐ [Recommendation]: Sports version of FT, deployed on CHZ chain, currently in testing, interested people can play |
| [Project]:
[Introduction]: Easily integrate AI models into apps, protocols, and contracts [Rating]: 13/20 [Activity Type]: Development [Activity Recommendation]: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ [Recommendation]: Many financing, luxurious institutions, currently has documents but no code, AI engineers can apply for internal testing |
| [Project]:
[Introduction]: A cloud gaming construction, decentralized real-time rendering network [Rating]: 17/20 [Activity Type]: Task (Galxe, zealy, etc.) [Activity Recommendation]: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ [Recommendation]: Raised more than $10 million in total, valued at $150 million, recently joined the NVIDIA startup program! There are zealy point tasks in the galaxy that can be done, and you can apply for a private test network |
| [Project]:
[Introduction]: Building trustless AI with zero-knowledge proofs to make the technology cheaper and easier to use for encrypted protocol Zk machine learning projects [Rating]: 11/20 [Activity Type]: Mint NFT [Activity Recommendation]: ⭐ [Recommendation]: AI and zk are hot topics now, the project has received seed round investment of 6.3 million, led by 1kx and variant. There is an NFT that can be bought for self-defense |
| [Project]:
[Introduction]: Cross-chain bridge built by hyperlance route [Rating]: 17/20 [Activity Type]: Interact to get potential rewards [Activity Recommendation]: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ [Recommendation]: Basic cross-chain protocol dapp made by hyperlance, can interact with it |
| [Project]:
[Introduction]: Nillion is a distributed computing platform that uses Nil Message Compute (NMC) innovative technology to extend trust-agnostic infrastructure to new use cases and industries, enabling secure storage and processing of high-value data. [Rating]: 16/20 [Activity Type]: Other [Activity Recommendation]: ⭐⭐⭐ [Recommendation]: Currently has a naming activity, will definitely issue coins, keep an eye on it |
| [Project]:
[Introduction]: Scaling ETH through zkSharding technology [Rating]: 17/20 [Activity Type]: Development [Activity Recommendation]: ⭐⭐ [Recommendation]: Has a lot of financing, currently focused on technical development and developer activities, keep an eye on it |
| [Project]:
[Introduction]: Telegram trading robot [Rating]: 11/20 [Activity Type]: Task (Galxe, zealy, etc.) [Activity Recommendation]: ⭐⭐⭐ [Recommendation]: Founder of flashbot, has a points program, you can start now |
| [Project]:
[Introduction]: A full-chain game of space adventure that has been in development for a long time [Rating]: 12/20 [Activity Type]: Interact to get potential rewards [Activity Recommendation]: ⭐⭐ [Recommendation]: Seed round of 3.3 million, good institutions, can track and play |
| [Project]:
[Introduction]: Modular blockchain using SVM [Rating]: 15/20 [Activity Type]: Development [Activity Recommendation]: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ [Recommendation]: The community is not very active, but the documentation is comprehensive, you can fill out the testnet feedback form, need to understand Solana development |


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Proposals Under Discussion#



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